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How much easier would running your business be if you could adjust staffing requirements as quickly and frequently as needed, based on changes in demand or project deadlines? That’s the reason companies, small to large, turn to Wagner Staffing. We have the expertise and resources to fill temporary and permanent positions with people who perform. 

Localized Expertise

With offices across the state and onsite reps, we have a deeper understanding of the local job market dynamics and talent pool, including the availability and qualifications of candidates in your area. This knowledge and our relationships with job seekers enables us to recruit the most qualified candidates and fill any position quickly. Along with our streamlined process, this reduces the time to hire and minimizes any disruptions caused by staff shortages.

Additional Benefits:

  • Targeted recruitment strategies aligned with your needs and preferences
  • Up to date on legislation ensures compliance with legal requirements 
  • Local offices provide valuable insights and support to internal managers

Individualized Solutions

Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all staffing approach, we help businesses design solutions that align with their unique goals, requirements, and culture. Our experts focus on understanding your situation and expectations, to develop an individualized staffing solution according to your specific needs. With Wagner, you have the flexibility to adjust the number of team members, work schedules, and roles based on fluctuating demands or project-specific requirements. This helps businesses of any size to optimize resource allocation and operational efficiency.

Additional Benefits:

  • Optimize labor costs by strategically adjusting on-demand to avoid overstaffing
  • Reduce expenses while ensuring adequate staffing to meet business demands
  • Match employees with the right roles for peak productivity and performance
  • Businesses are able to adapt quickly in a rapidly evolving business environment

Lasting Relationships

Our success lies not only in the services we provide but also in the trust and partnerships we foster. We understand that enduring relationships are developed through open communication, mutual respect, and genuine care forged with our clients, employees, and communities. These relationships enable us to deliver exceptional value and have a positive impact. We remain committed to nurturing these bonds, knowing that together, we can achieve long-term success.

Additional Benefits:

  • Streamlined recruitment strategies save time and improve placement
  • Ensures business continuity without the need for extensive communication
  • Benefit from our expertise in business and market trends, and competitors

Positive Culture

The Wagner culture is characterized by a strong sense of purpose, open communication, and mutual respect from our leadership to our temporary employees. Collaboration is emphasized over competition, and teamwork is supported by a culture of empowerment and inclusivity. Trust is built through transparency and accountability, fostering a sense of community and shared ownership of the company’s success. This leads to increased productivity and a stronger sense of fulfillment for everyone.

Additional Benefits:

  • We enjoy high retention rates, because employees know we value their well-being
  • Our reputation among job seekers and recruiters attracts top talent for clients

How to know when staffing is right for you:

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re ready to choose a staffing solution.

Do you struggle to attract qualified candidates?

Does recruiting and hiring take time and resources away from other important business needs?

Is your business seasonal or do staffing needs frequently and unpredictably fluctuate?

Do you incur unnecessary expenses or experience stress due to overstaffing or understaffing?

Our Leadership Team

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Jeff Wagner

President & CEO

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Mike Hall

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David Kidd

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Heather Brooklyn

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Vice President
Corporate Affairs

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Training & Development

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Safety & Training

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Regional Manager

At Wagner, people are our business.

We’ve never forgotten where we come from, or the people and places who made what we do possible.  Our roots run deep in our home of Newton County, but our commitment to community extends everywhere we do business. This is the reason we support worthy causes with our time and financial resources.

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