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We are committed to providing a better experience for every client and employee. Because a better applicant experience inspires employees to better performance, which leads to better productivity and increased profitability for our clients, which results in greater success for all of us. Our appreciation of this interdependence guides every aspect of how we operate.

We’re staffing experts and workforce consultants

Unlike typical staffing agencies who offer a selection of standard solutions, Wagner’s team of consultants operate as a robust HR department, working directly with owners and managers on-site to understand each client’s business at an operational level. These first-hand examinations and personal interactions help us identify labor gaps and staffing bottlenecks, then develop effective, scalable solutions.

We prioritize relationships to produce success

What does it mean to say we place relationships before and above transactions? For employees, this means getting to know every candidate personally and professionally, and treating them with dignity and respect. This ensures they contribute to improved labor quality and performance. For new clients, it means while we are prepared to respond to immediate staffing needs, our focus is always on forming personal relationships that produce successful partnerships, not simply fulfilling requests.

Improvement is a collaborative journey

Regardless of your company size or industry, Wagner is the workforce planning and management coach, and growth partner who works alongside you, providing professional services and resources to fulfill current staffing needs, while applying industry and market insights to continuously improve success. As your business and staffing needs evolve, we work together to manage strategies to optimize labor investments, minimize risk, and increase profitability.


Temporary Staffing

Wagner’s versatile and reliable Temporary Staffing solution is adaptable to suit specific business differences across various industries. With expertise in Light Industrial, Clerical, Distribution, and Manufacturing sectors, Wagner matches skills for short-term or long-term assignments, project-based engagements, and temp-to-permanent opportunities.

Integrated Staffing

Wagner’s most robust workforce solution, exemplifying our dedication to enterprise client success. With a focus on supporting organizational development and personnel management, Wagner becomes a seamless extension of your HR team. Wagner consultants and on-site managers serve as Personnel Directors and HR Executives working closely with client leadership to thoroughly understand requirements and objectives. Then provide the highest level of involvement and expertise to ensure smooth operations and optimized workforce performance.

Professional Placement

Showcasing their commitment to excellence and personalized service, Wagner’s dedicated Placement Specialists manage an efficient process for direct hire staffing, with an emphasis on recruiting Professionals and Executives who bring extensive expertise and leadership to the table. Whether for interim engagements or permanent positions, you’re assured the best fit for the role and your company. Our flexible approach includes a temp-to-permanent option, allowing clients to evaluate candidates thoroughly before making long-term commitments.

Specialized Recruiting

Wagner’s team of talented Placement Specialists ensure seamless direct hire staffing for clients seeking the best-in-class skilled tradespersons. Our personalized recruiting process produces quality candidates for specialized trades needing professionals with exceptional capabilities and craftsmanship. We also offer a temp-to-permanent option, allowing clients to evaluate candidates’ skills and compatibility with your organization before committing to long-term employment.

Value-Add Services

Wagner’s commitment to your success includes services to reduce the risks of accidents, injuries, and damages that can cost time, money, and your business reputation. We offer comprehensive forklift training and certification, available in both virtual/written format and live hands-on/on-premise training.

We also offer mock OSHA audits and risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement necessary precautions. Both services are conducted by our on-staff credentialed expert, guaranteeing the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

Answers to frequently asked questions

When positions open unexpectedly, Wagner Staffing is your best resource to help fill them quickly. Our staff has access to a wide network of vetted talent and good relationships with reliable employees who are qualified and eager to work. Once you’re setup as a client, we can help fill many temporary positions within days, saving you valuable time and eliminating risks.

All Wagner Staffing candidates go through a thorough screening and evaluation process that includes background checks, training, and vetting, so you can be confident that the employees we send are qualified, reliable, and ready to work.

No agency can be an expert in all industries.  However, over the past decades, we assembled a professional team who not only have specialized expertise in a wide array of industries but who focus on gaining a deep understanding of your business and staffing needs, so that we can meet your specific employment needs and consistently make successful placements.

From entry-level production and warehouse, to tradesmen and technical specialist, to experienced executives, Wagner provides clients with staffing and recruiting solutions tailored to fit their business, and the best people to fill the role and fit their culture.