More Workers Looking for Temporary and Contract Employment

The preference for temporary, contract, and freelance work has been rising for the past two years and is expected to continue in 2023. The mass layoffs that occurred during the pandemic and the increase in remote workers resulted in more people transitioning to a more flexible schedule and lifestyle. Parents and caregivers, especially women are seeking work that offers more flexibility to care for children and older relatives, as well as manage the household and family. The US Chamber of Commerce data shows that over a million women have left full-time positions since 2020. They, along with many men across the US, are motivated to have financial control along with more control of their lives by finding alternatives to traditional full-time roles. Credible surveys indicate that almost a third of workers planning on finding a new job in 2023 prefer or would consider temporary or contract opportunities. This means that companies who have historically hired permanent, full-time positions, may improve their recruiting success rate by offering contract positions and turning to a temporary staffing agency for help.