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Our list of top in-demand jobs |

Good news for working Americans! Total employment growth is projected at nearly 4.7 million from now to 2032! Business Insider analyzed Bureau of Labor Statistics data to rank the top 30 jobs for projected growth and highest median wages, and revealed many don’t require advanced degrees. Check out our list of picks; and if you’re considering a new career, our team is ready to help with opportunities in these and other occupations.

Service Sales Representatives: From electronics and appliance retailers to healthcare and technology companies, businesses of all types need good communicators to sell and support their services, working with customers in person, on the phone and through email.
Projected employment growth: 45,700
Typical annual wage: $50k +

Commercial/Industrial Electricians: Knowing or learning how to install, maintain, and repair electrical, communications, lighting, and control systems for businesses is a skill that can earn a great living. Across the US, utility companies, manufacturers, and suppliers are hiring.
Projected employment growth: 49,200
Typical annual wage: $55k +

Logisticians: Think of all the products people use at home and work, and all the parts needed to make those products, along with consumables like food, fuel, and chemicals we all need. It’s people in these roles who are responsible for coordinating shipping and receiving, and overseeing purchasing, inventory, and warehousing of all the goods we use.
Projected employment growth: 38,300
Typical annual wage: $65k +

Industrial machinery mechanics: Virtually all the products we buy, along with the vehicles that transport them to us, and even the packaging they come in, are all manufactured using industrial machinery. The skills to install, maintain, and repair these machines are always in-demand.
Projected employment growth: 59,900
Typical annual wage: $50k +

Computer and information systems managers: For most of us, our lives at home and work are reliant on technology and computer systems. Without skilled people in these roles, we couldn’t function efficiently in our connected world. When it comes to keeping our data organized, stored, and distributed, the employment numbers speak for themselves… always in demand and opportunities for great pay.
Projected employment growth: 86,000
Typical annual wage: $75k +

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