4 Great reasons to use temporary staffing

If you have never considered hiring temporary workers, there are many reasons temporary staffing can be a great alternative to recruiting permanent employees for full-time and part-time positions. These are five of the most valuable benefits for companies.

Efficiency and Flexibility

If you have a staffing shortage that is affecting the productivity of your business, whether it’s a permanent position due to business growth or an employee resignation, or temporary need such as a special project or seasonal demand, the recruiting process can take a lot of time, increasing cost and hurting your productivity. Not only can temporary staffing streamline the screening and hiring process, it eliminates the need to take on a permanent resource that may not perform as expected or be the right fit, or isn’t needed all year-round.

Reduced Overall Cost

When you hire new employees, there is not only the cost of hours of time required by internal staff to search, screen, interview, and onboard a new team member, there’s the cost of benefits, administration, payroll processing, workers comp and unemployment, and more. Because they are employees of Wagner Staffing, you avoid or significantly reduce these costs associated with time and compliance. Our fee is almost always less that the investment required to hire an employee directly.

No Hit to Headcount

For many businesses, reducing or managing current headcount is a priority, because every new employee hits the company’s bottom line and impacts profits. Even when companies can foresee a need for additional employees in the near future, for business reasons they must wait to permanently fill new positions. Adding temporary employees provides increased capacity and productivity while maintaining permanent headcount. This also provides the flexibly to adjust based on the company’s operational or financial situation.

High-reward, Low-risk

Despite the best efforts of company business managers and HR team, processes breakdown and new hires don’t work out. When this happens, you not only lose the employee, but also the investment of time and cost to recruit, onboard, and train them. Our temp-to-hire program is like an insurance policy, because Wagner Staffing has the processes, people, and proven track record that protects your company.  We can fill short-term and long-term assignments with the skilled talent to fill any gap and without the time, cost, or risk that comes with a direct permanent hire. When the contract ends, you can decide if you want to add that employee as a permanent member of your team, extend their time, or bring in a new worker.

For more information about temporary staffing solutions, explore our website or contact any of our local offices. We’re ready to make a great match!